Code Geass

Code Geass. Season one. Watched till 11 so far, because I keep slacking on it.

Hm, what to say about this. A lot of people I’ve seen MADFANGIRL or MADFANBOY over Code Geass. But it doesn’t excite me at all.

I have to say it’s interesting though. It has a good storyline too, about how Lulu wants to defeat Britannia and his father. I wonder why the king offed Lulu’s mum. CC’s past is also quite intriguing.

It’s not exciting to me, at all. I watch it and go ‘Mmm. Yes. Okay. Done.’ instead of any rabid fangirling. NO RABID FANGIRLING. This is not happening. Lulu is awesome and cool but he is totally not fangirleable. Things to fangirl about are an indication of how exciting an anime is, because if I fangirl = I like it a lot. Currently I have nothing that I find to fangirl over, except maybe CC. :X CC is quite awesome, easily the most awesome character, better than Lulu even. Cornelia is also quite cool, and so is Euphie, despite all her I-ish-a-pink-princess image.

However, Kallen annoys the heck out of me. I found her lines in episode 10 TERRIBLY CLICHED. [insert wail of anguish] Code Geass really dropped during ep 10. Kallen’s illogical lines were worse than Lockon’s, and seriously feels terribly fake and dumb. To me, anyway. Luckily Geass generally manages to avoid loser lines.

The mechs are really ugly D: Compared to say, EXIA. OR KYRIOS. [GUNPLAAAA] Lancelot is pretty though. Mechs are a semi-integral part of the storyline, and they contribute a lot to animation and art, so yes they are quite important. They aren’t quite as well done as the characters though, I am sad. They also have really impractical things, Cornelia’s Knightmare had a CAPE wtf?

Code Geass is interesting, but in the end I just keep shelving it for things like Baccano! and Macross instead of finishing it. >_>


~ by Someone in the Universe on May 11, 2008.

One Response to “Code Geass”

  1. Hmm, I agree that Lulu isn’t really fangirl-able, and Kallen is quite annoying, but I love Code Geass in general. It’s so real yet so fictional x-x

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