Kouga Yun artbook! Your Eyes Only

At 2008 Midyear Cosfest in Singapore (something Henshin or another) I bought Kouga Yun’s artbook, Your Eyes Only at the all amazing price of TWENTY FIVE BUCKS for 90+ pages of AWESOME Kouga Yun prettiness. This is the most amazing deal I’ve seen.

I don’t have a scanner at home but I have some scans of Loveless/Earthian stuff from Your Eyes Only (by other sources) in my comp, so I shall upload a couple.

Cover of the reprinted Earthian, Book 1. Chihiro, if I remember his name correctly, the black haired pretty person, is a male. Yeeees. I believe you.

Soubi is the love of my life. And he looks so womanly hot here.


….Can I plead laziness?

I’m really tempted to buy that Victorian goth loli dress. For tomorrow.


~ by Someone in the Universe on July 5, 2008.

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