BECAUSE I RE-FELL IN LOVE WITH GETBACKERS TODAY. I have no idea why. I just had this great urge to reexamine and rethink about my cosplay of Makubex (that’s only going to occur in December) and went around the anime hunting for fullfrontal screenshots of him.

Four men, and a Kadzuki. Do note the the semes (aka Ban and Shido) have their shirts open, and ukes have their shirts closed. Akabane is the sort of person I would not expect to think about sex at all, so let’s leave him. Ban’s pissy face is so cute, cuddly, squishy and HOT. <3

Whaddya know! This has no relation to Makubex.

I’m hardly a Juubei fan but ZOMG HE LOOKS SO HOT HERE. And (as Ban calls him, in literal translations), Host Club Bastard Kagami Kyoji.

This picture is pretty. Ban looks so cute C: GETTO BAKUZU DAKKANYA <3

And the sexy shota guy that spawned this post in the first place, MAKUBEX <3 He has a really sexy voice, thanks to Saiga Mitsuki whom I’m in love with. I think he’s the first shota guy I went semi head over heels in love with. O MY GREAT MAKUBEX, HOW WILL I EVER BE ABLE TO MATCH UP TO YOUR GREATNESS BY COSPLAYING YOU?


Scans are not mine. They’re from Tsuya, Nakajima Atsuko’s (animation director for a few eps, Character Designer of GB) Amazing with a capital A Artbook. I love her so much, when I saw a picture of Kenshin in an illustration collection I didn’t go ‘OMG KENSHIN <3’ even though I love him, I went ‘OMG NAKAJIMA ATSUKO’ even before I realised it was Kenshin. If someone has a spare copy of Tsuya to sell me, PLEASE TELL ME I desperately want to get my hands on a copy and drool. Her artbook is different from Kouga Yun’s though because Kouga Yun’s is really an ART book, where everything is done in a billion different styles and everything is experimented with, but Nakajima Atsuko’s is just a whole lot of wonderful hot drawings of wonderful characters on wonderful series she has worked on. Can’t complain, really. (: She’s worked on Samurai X aka Rurouni Kenshin, Princess Princess, Secret Agent Undercover (something like that) and GetBackers, among her more notable series. THEY SHOULD CHUCK HER AS AN ANIMATOR FOR EVERYTHING SHE’S TOO AWESOME.


~ by Someone in the Universe on July 6, 2008.

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