Sakasama no Chou single

This is pretty slow and old but yes.

Sakasama no Chou has to be the single most played song of mine ever. I looped it for about two weeks straight, whenever I was on the comp, whether I was on the bus, train, sleeping, etc.

Because she’s an awesome singer and lyricist and really good at the guitar too.

This was the OP of Jigoku Shoujo. Rather not fitting, in my opinion, because I don’t see how Sakasama no Chou relates to Jigoku Shoujo at all, and the song itself is not very OP-ish, but it was lovely so I don’t care.

This has 3 songs and no instrumentals (sadly) or remixes.

1. Sakasama no Chou
2. night light
3. Bleach (English Version)

night light is okay, not too special, but Sakasama no Chou and Bleach are amazing.

Overall though Sakasama no Chou doesn’t reflect her style, she leans more to R&B than J-pop, which is kinda sad because I would prefer more songs in the style of Sakasama no Chou than night light from her.

This post is also pointless.


~ by Someone in the Universe on June 29, 2008.

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