still doll [Vampire Knight]

Because she is awesome. She has an awesome not-quite-grown-up voice that is mature while being cute. She’s really good at the cello too. I don’t really like the overly loli things like in her CD, I think she’s rather trying too hard, but the gothic-ish elements, electric and classical things in her music really work well together. The loli things are all because her producer Mana is the founder of Gothic Lolita fashion, or something like that.

HER CELLO IS PRETTY. o_________o


1. still doll
2. Kuroi Torikago (lit. Black Birdcage)
3. still doll (orgel version)

Kuroi Torikago is AN AWESOME SONG and it has earned an esteemed place on my mp3 player’s main playlist, because I play nothing else on my mp3. Out of the 3 or so gb of songs I have there are only 20 songs in there. The only thing I have to complain about is its length, a puny 2.55 minutes. That’s probably why it wasn’t released as a single in itself, lulz.

But if you talk about how the lyrics sound it doesn’t match up to still doll. Like if you ignore the fact that she’s singing words, and just listen to the pure sounds, vowels and consonants that she makes, still doll sounds far more pleasing.

She sucks at enunciating her words. I can’t hear half the things she sings for Kuroi Torikago.

still doll itself is pretty good too, although since I’ve already played it about five billion times I’m not that interested in it. Orgel Version is a… music box-ish version of the original song. Honestly, it sounds really really creepy, although rather slow-moving, so it’s not on my playlist.

Do I need to repeat that this post has no point?


~ by Someone in the Universe on June 29, 2008.

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