Gundam Wing Cosplay, BEST DUO EVAR. +edit

She made cosfest so sweet, so terribly sweet for me.

Even though she is very obviously female somehow her cuteness just OVERWHELMS. She satisfies the shotacon in me. She’s really a pretty good Duo.

IT HAS TO BE A SIN TO BE SO TERRIBLY CUTE. I think I’m starting to turn not straight.

Heero looks damn cool, although a little too un-shota and tall. Quatre is…. so-so.

DUO OWNS THEM. I nearly want to turn lolicon. SHE LOOKS SO DAMN LOLI.

Her hair is natural too. SO LONG AND PRETTY fantastic because I have a hair fetish. 8D

SHE IS SO CUTE, SO CUTE, SO TERRIBLY CUTE. I want to squish/stalk her. My lolicon guy friend has just fallen in love with her.

If you happen to be acquainted with her, do tell me her contact numbers and things. |D She makes me want to cosplay Duo too. I would if I had the hair and the costume.

EDIT: hokay the pictures are now clickable to the big ones! |D  GOGOGOGOGO OGLE AT HER C: She is so cute zomgzomg.


~ by Someone in the Universe on July 5, 2008.

One Response to “Gundam Wing Cosplay, BEST DUO EVAR. +edit”

  1. haha That is a nice cosplay :)

    A new anime called Antique Bakery has started. Guys don’t look as cute as these, but you might be interested in it.

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