Favourite Anime OPs/EDs

Because I’m just that random 8D

OPs: Have decided not to rank them because it’s just too hard. Haven’t seen any really OMFGWTF!OUTSTANDING OPs around.
1. Rhythm Emotion by Two-Mix: Gundam Wing OP2
The first time I heard it when watching ep 41, I replayed it five times straight instead of watching Gundam Wing (and Oyashiro-sama knows how much I love Gundam Wing.) The starting bits of Heero overheating Wing Zero’s thrusters are AWESOME. The very first bit of the Earth and the five gundams flying to Earth, then the last one going into the center of the five, is so pretty, and so very significant. The drawings of the five guys are also BLOODY HOT, and I love the Heero and Relena back-to-back bit even though I don’t support that pairing. The typical end of the OP of two gundams fighting is also really cool, with Epyon and Wing Zero literally locked in combat. Overall I don’t think the song is very Gundam-ish, but that’s okay because it’s a fantastic song and it’s a fantastic OP sequence. It also kinda fits if you think more about it.

2. Sakasama no Chou by SNoW: Jigoku Shoujo OP1
Jigoku Shoujo has supremely beautiful scenery renderings, as well as somehow being able to portray characters tragically while making them seem normal, which is of course essential because the entire Jigoku Shoujo storyline is full of tragedy. The song itself is bloody awesome, and I looped it for two weeks straight once. The song is well matched to the animation, and I especially love the part where the cherry drops out of her mouth. Oh, also the part where Ichimoku Ren comes in, of course, but that’s the different matter. Although I never did watch Jigoku Shoujo except for Futakomori, I love this OP a lot. It makes an impact without seeming otherwise special or flashy.

3. Shangri-La by angela: Soukyuu no Fafner OP1
The animation sequence is okay, nothing too spetacular, but this song is TEH PWN. But I think it’s here mostly because I like the Fafners. A lot. And Soushi <3333 The rhythm is pretty well matched, and I think the song really fits the anime.

4. Triangler by Sakamoto Maaya: Macross Frontier OP1
This song is also TEH PWN, and my favourite bit is the ‘mikata dakedo aishitenai to ka’ because the choice of people to chuck in there is really good and fitting, as well as the quick shoved in bit of Sheryl performing. It made a HUGE impression on me when I first saw it, and I think it’s a really good mix of flashiness and character display. LOVE THE MECHA SCENES.

5. Northern Lights by Hayashibara Megumi: Shaman King OP2
It’s actually mostly just flashes of all the characters plus a couple of cool fight scenes and a cool shot of Jeanne, but who cares. Anna pwns, and Hayashibara Megumi pwns, and the last few bits of the Great Spirit just rocks. I absolutely love the song.

Much easier job here. Rankings are far more obvious.

1. Mr Deja Vu by naja: GetBackers ED3
I just love this somehow. The song is cheery yet sad, and the lyrics fit extremely well into the setting of GetBackers. The animation matches the song and rhythm really really well. My favourite bit is obviously the part when Ban mouths ‘Sayonara ga iwanai mama’. Apart from having the hottest picture of Raitei EVAR in it, the colour, position and feel of all the illustrations, as well as the meaning embedded in the ending, all comes together flawlessly. The only slight objection I have is towards the last pic of Ban and Ginji where Nakajima Atsuko, who conceptualised the ending, made them SO. GAY. I detest Ban x Ginji kthx. The comparison of Raitei as Ginji’s former self versus his current self as Ginji, and nothing but Ginji as part of GetBackers with Ban, along with the rest of the people from his past (and cameos of the Miroku Brothers!) especially after the Mugenjou (Infinite Fortress) arc, is awesome.

2. Friends by Stephanie: Gundam 00
This is obviously fanservice, with 4 hot guys, and sadly I fell for it. Lockon’s gesture of cutting Setsuna’s hair is really sweet and filled emotion, somehow. The skies and sceneries are so pretty, and the guys are so pretty too 8D The animation fits extremely well with the rhythm, and my favourite part is where the scissors stab into the sand and the sea turns red. It really strikes me, somehow. Also the last part where Setsuna whips off his quasi-cape thingo is just o____o FANSERVICE <3333
And I’m suckers for emo guys. 8D

3. Omokage by Hayashibara Megumi
Anna = pwn. Also I love her relationship with Yoh and Hao. And the song is sultry, and the animation sequence is total pwn. Words do not describe it.

Don’t have any more EDs that I seriously seriously love, so yes.

This is all I can remember off the top off my head right now, so might get edited.


~ by Someone in the Universe on July 12, 2008.

One Response to “Favourite Anime OPs/EDs”

  1. Gundam Wing songs are great :D

    Jigoku Shoujo scenery is very nice indeed :)

    PS Gundam 00 ED is no longer available :(

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