Soukyuu no Fafner

This is officially the most amusing-when-it-is-not-supposed-to-be anime I have ever, ever watched. It made me laugh and go high at the emo bits.

It’s really, really confusing. They don’t explain anything properly until a couple of eps later, and it’s really hard to keep everyone’s names straight (at least for me.) and the characters talk about SUCH vague things that all you can do is go ‘WTF IS GOING ON?’

It’s not bad though. The only thing that people might complain about is that the art style is identical to the Gundam SEED/SEED Destiny one. Main character Kazuki looks EXACTLY like Shinn in the Fafner, because then his eyes turn red. Sheesh!

The first time I knew this anime was when I saw a VCD box in a local shop, and went ‘ZOMG isn’t that Shinn and Rey WHY ARE THEY IN SUCH GAY POSES’. Upon closer inspection the uniform was completely different and !Rey’s hair was weird and the anime wasn’t titled Gundam SEED Destiny.

Fanart from Kouga Yun! (Tornado04A artbook.) Although Soushi doesn’t look very good here haha. THE FAFNER UNIFORM IS SO PRETTY.

Anyway. Pictures speak a thousand words, so I shall let my screenshots do the talking.

LOL. And the fact is that Kazuki is in his Fafner while Soushi is in his Veda-like room called the Siegfried System thingummy. And Soushi somehow still manages to always pop out of nowhere into his cockpit.

(And oooooh look SHINEY!)

Classic gay scene. Sigh.

More classic gay. Oh, HOW GAY CAN FAFNER GET.

And it’s not just things like this, there are also tiny things littered around like Soushi going ‘If it was Kazuki he would never be affected by things like this.’ and ‘Since it’s Kazuki I thought he would understand!’ KI NI NATTERUN DESHOU?

The worst part is that I don’t think they actually MEANT it to be gay. Oh, I do love accidental gayness.

It’s also the fastest I have started shipping any single pairing, because Soushi and Kazuki are SO DAMN GAY and they look so damn good together. YAY FOR SAME SEX PAIRINGS.

Apart from that, the OP and ED are awesome. I think they’re both done by angela, whose vocalist Atsuko has an AWESOMELY powerful voice.

Fafner is good to watch if you want to laugh, a lot. A LOT. Otherwise it’s quite a solid anime if you don’t like gay pairings or teenage angst (which is ridiculously funny, for some reason.)


~ by Someone in the Universe on July 10, 2008.

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