Changin’, D.Gray-Man ED [Stephanie]

According to Stephanie’s website, she has a new single soon to be released! Changin’, which according to the screenshot I took above, is D.Gray-Man’s new ending starting 7/1, which has already passed.

Once again, there’s this really, really high note in the song. I do not know if she does it to a) show off her vocal talent, b) so that no one else will be able to sing it or c) both.

Monochrome makes her look really, really pretty. Compared to most other members of the entertainment industry she’s rather plain, but she can actually sing. And she has really nice legs. |D

Apparently this is also her first song that features another singer (yeah it is. I would know because I’ve heard every single one of her songs, even the B-sides not appearing in her CD.) Tanaka Rouma, and apparently it’s a… youthful ballad?

VERY GOOD. This is going to get her tons of exposure. I’m happy. I’m just waiting for Changin’ to outsell Friends, although I don’t think it’s going to happen.

If you haven’t figured, yes, I’m quite a big fangirl of hers.

I’m semi dithering over whether to buy it or not for sentimentalities. Don’t think I will though, I have no moneys. :X

And I just discovered that my Stephanie album that I bought was the limited edition. Whoo for surprises 8D


~ by Someone in the Universe on July 7, 2008.

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