Sagashimono [ON/OFF] Lyrics

想像したんだ 君が 笑っている 表(情)
優しい顔を 見せて 休日ぐらい

少し (急ぎ) 足で進む この街中で
君の (中の) 探し物は 見つからないかも

ゆっくり (ゆっくり) 歩けば (歩けば)
変わって (変わって) くるだろう (くるだろう)
大切なモノなら 身近にあるもんさ 気付いてよ

想像したんだ 君が 話していた 夢 (未来)
二人で笑って 泣いて 単純なもの

いつの (日にか) つかめそうで ささやかだけど
今も (僕も) 心の中 光り続けてる

小さな (小さな) 理想が (理想が()
必ず (必ず) 二人で (二人で)
僕だけなんだろうか? この思いをどうか 叶えてよ

胸の (胸の) 奥が (奥が) 痛くなる

笑って (笑って) 過ごせば (過ごせば)
いつでも (いつでも) 支えて (支えて)
僕はここにいるよ 早く振り向いて 見つけてよ

souzou shitanda kimi ga waratteiru hyou(jou)
yasashii kao wo misete kyuujitsu gurai

sukoshi (isogi) ashi de susumu kono machi naka de
kimi no (naka no) sagashimono wa mitsukaranai kamo

yukkuri (yukkuri) arukeba (arukeba)
mieteru keshiki tachi ga
kawatte (kawatte) kuru darou (kuru darou)
nagametemite goran yo
taisetsuna mono nara mijika ni aru mon sa kidzuite yo

souzou shitanda kimi ga hanashiteita yume (mirai)
futari de waratte naite tanjun na mono

itsu no (hi ni ka) tsukamesou de sasayaka dakedo
ima mo (boku no) kokoro no naka hikari tsudzukeru

chiisana (chiisana) risou ga (risou ga)
hana wo sakasou toshiteru
kanarazu (kanarazu) futari de (futari de)
sodatete ikita inochi
boku dake nandarou ka? kono omoi wo dou ka kanaete yo

tsuyogari wo itta toki
mune no (mune no) oku ga (oku ga) itakunaru
sou darou?

waratte (waratte) sugoseba (sugoseba)
akaruku naru mainichi
itsudemo (itsudemo) sasaete (sasaete)
agetai to omotteru
boku wa koko ni iru yo hayaku furimuite kizuite yo

Sagashimono (lit. Thing that one is looking for)[1]
I imagined your laughing expression[2]
You showed your kind face around the holidays[3]

(Hurry) a little, advance with your feet in this street
The thing you’re looking for (inside of you), you probably haven’t found it.

If we walk (if we walk) slowly (slowly)
The sceneries that we see
will probably change
Try gazing at them, please [4]
If it’s an important, you will take notice of the things close to you.

I imagined the dream (the future) that you talked about
Two people laughing and crying together; Simple things

Someday, it looks like we can grasp it, even though it’s meagre
Right now, in my heart, the light is continuing.

A small (a small) dream (dream)
To make the flower bloom
It’s a life which we must raise together.[5]
Is it only me? How is this dream? I will fulfill it.

[6]When you spoke of your false courage,
My chest becomes painful
Doesn’t it?

If we pass the days laughing
Everyday will become bright
I want to always support you, no matter when
I am here; Quickly turn around and find me.

[1]Title: Some people translate this as ‘Searching ones’ which is okay too because the title is given in katakana and not kanji, but I think ‘mono’ referring to ‘things’ instead of ‘person’ is more appropriate.
[2]1st line: hyou (jou) does not make sense to me. I tried. I’m sorry. Hyou literally means table/schedule or something like that, unless you want to force the jou along with it to become hyoujou, then it’ll become ‘expression’, which is what I did. I think that’s what they intended actually.
[3]2nd line is also rather iffy? Kyuujitsu gurai has no relation to showing someone’s kind face.
[4]They use ‘goran’, which is a really formal version of ‘see’, so I put please to sort of add that in.
[5]This is the most annoying line I have ever come across. I think I did it wrongly, but ohwells.
[6]Biggest pronoun problem ever. It may refer to either party, I have no idea. Think what you want.
*Japanese songs love to leave out pronouns and I might have gotten a few wrong. Correct if necessary.


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