Crazy over-parallel between Gundams Wing and 00

‘Oyasashii Allelujah-sama’

– Hallelujah, episode… 9? 8? Somewhere around there, in Gundam 00

‘Oyasashii Quatre-sama’

-Dorothy Catalonia, episode 48, Gundam Wing.


Isn’t this a little too far? :/

I lol’ed very hard at this.

EDIT: Let me explain. Both were said in a very mocking lulz-you-are-so-weak kind of tone, vicious, etc. The ‘sama’ and the ‘o’ attached to the ‘yasashii’ indicate great sarcasm and contempt. Both were almost the same situation, and both Quatre and Allelujah have slightly similar personalities (but Quatre just annoys me while I love Allelujah. :X) And Dorothy and Hallelujah are quite similar too, in the sense that they’re both snappy and vicious and give off evil vibes. Except that Hallelujah is fucking hot while Dorothy is…. freaky, especially with her eyebrows.



~ by Someone in the Universe on June 17, 2008.

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