Gundam Wing fangirling.

I need to fangirl Gundam Wing NAOW.

Duo Maxwell is SO shota, squishy and totally RAPEABLE. I kid you not. I bet everybody wants to rape Duo. :X HE IS SO CUTE ASLKDGHASKGJASJEK;;;

He really behaves like some 14 year old school girl sometimes. When he whirls around his hair bounces in the ultra school girl fashion. His voice is seriously too low in the start of Wing, as well as in his character songs, but I don’t care because he sound so rapeable too <3

TROWA BARTON who is now MIA at the part where I’m watching and my heart breaks into two. That was not grammatical, but nevermind. He looks so kind and… peaceful here. His character songs are very… introspective and sad. His voice is awesome and smooth and lovely, and his hair is… interesting to say the least, but I love his hair a lot. HE IS SO HOT TOO SADGLKJSLDGKSAJGS;;;; He also happens to be the tallest of the 5, I believe. He’s quite a bit taller than Heero.  He looks rather older here compared to usually, SO HOT D:

I LOVE THE WING GUYS. <3 Maybe more than the Gundam 00 guys. Trowa looks like the 14 year old school girl here, while Duo is being the annoying shota cute widdle self he is <333 Heero has his pissy face on, as usual. I think Heero is the only guy-with-near-permanent-pissy-face that I like. <33

DUO LOOKS SO HOT SLKJGASKG;; Heero in trenchcoat thingo, I LOVE TRENCHCOATS even his current pissy face is quite appealing to me and I want to squish him. Trowa is wearing odd things (why D: ) and Quatre somehow looks really, really womanly.

ZOMGZOMG fanservice. Total, fanservice. Why though, do they insist on shipping Heero x Duo so blatantly in almost all official arts?!!! And Trowa and Quatre too. D: I prefer my Wing guys single, kthx. If I had to pair someone up I would rather pair Heero and Trowa. Or Duo and Trowa.

Duo looks like a cute widdle shota sex predator now.

Wu Fei actually looks good here. Quatre looks so much like a girl it’s horrendously funny. And… oh Trowa, what/who are you looking at? ):

Duo is screaming to be raped. D: So are Heero and Trowa, actually.

This is a photo of a illustration I found in my friend’s book over in Japan; they had no scanner, thus. Duo is such a sex predator. And this is so gay. I object.


I love my Wing guys. A lot. Almost all of them (except maybe Quatre :X) touch my heart in the same way Soubi does, except not quite as deeply.

Gundam Wing is awesome! It makes me go ‘WTF!’ every couple of episodes. I enjoy the twists, a lot. Especially when Quatre pulled a Higurashi no Naku Koro ni stunt the first time he went into the Wing Zero, I liked him a lot better after that.


~ by Someone in the Universe on June 15, 2008.

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