Gundam Wing up till ep 26

Or did I stop at 27? I can’t remember.

I’ve been totally floored and shocked by the developments in episodes 20+. Lady Une gets shot by that Chief Engineer, Treize gets restrained, Duo and Wu Fei escape in only 80% completed Gundams (Shenlong V2 IS SO SO SO SO MUCH PRETTIER I think I’m in love with it.) and are now missing, Trowa is MIA/killed (I’m not throwing myself off a building yet because I know he’s alive because I know he appears in Endless Waltz. The fact that I know he’s still alive and will probably pop out later is the only thing that prevented me from killing myself in grief when Vayaete exploded.) Quatre and Heero are fighting between themselves/Wing Zero which seems to be the supreme evil of the gundams, everyone is emoing and so am I.

And then, halfway through the action and emoness and everything, THEY CHUCK IN A RECAP EPISODE. God, I am so pissed.

Gundam Wing is fantastic, I have to say. Although in some parts the logic doesn’t really connect that well and all it’s still awesome beyond awesome. The scientists especially rock, they’re so amusing. The five pilots feel so real to me and even Quatre whom I used to find amazingly annoying is now growing on me.

I just wish that they’ll stop recycling Heavyarms’ battle scenes. D: I don’t even find the colour scheme horrendously ugly anymore. Now I think Shenlong is the ugliest. Until I saw Shenlong 2.

I think OZ is amazingly sneaky. They remind me of Chairman Dullindal from Gundam SEED Destiny a lot, how everyone thinks they’re the good guy when they’re actually not. And I don’t know who’s good and who’s bad anymore. I think Wing is one of the animes where you can’t really tell who’s good and who’s bad, just like Gundam 00.

Duo’s voice acting has improved loads, I have to say. At the start of Wing I thought he sounded far too old for his cute widdle shota self, but now he sounds absolutely perfect. Can’t believe Seki Toshihiko voiced him. Wu Fei’s voice actor has to be the most perfect out of the 5, and Trowa and Heero follow. Quatre sounds far too much like a girl sometimes for me.

Wing’s music is awesome as well. <3

Well then. Shall go deal with my recap episode.


~ by Someone in the Universe on June 14, 2008.

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