My shelf of GetBackers. That’s nearly the whole collection, except 1-5 which I don’t really want to bother getting. I got 13-39 all in Japan, rest in Singapore from Kinokuniya. I also don’t have GetBackers: Ura, but I do have GetBackers: The Last Piece. I also have a Ban-chan mug. I’m quite the GB fan. |D

Some of them are still in their plastic wrap because I’ve been too busy watching anime and things like that to read the tiny tiny GOSHWHYARETHEYSOTINY Japanese characters of GetBackers. But fret not, I will read you. Someday.

GetBackers happen to have the second greatest love of my life, Midou Ban. It also has a whole cast of lovable characters, an interesting style of plot of very distinct arcs with interconnecting points, good and well researched storylines, great art (getting SO MUCH better as the manga progresses) both male and female fanservice (although male fanservice a lot more, sad to say.)


~ by Someone in the Universe on June 14, 2008.

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