Exia, Virtue and Deathscythe: Gunpla

Deathscythe body parts! With bit of my leg and a Japanese textbook, and a Dynames box in the background. Deathscythe is a lot simpler than Exia and Virtue in terms of joint movement and flexibility and things like that. And also a hell lot easier to fix. Except that the parts seem really fragile so that I take very long to cut them out.

Exia, Setsuna F Seiei, mokuhyou wo kuchiku suru!

エクシア、刹那 F セイエイ、目標を駆逐する!

Awesome giant sword!

Exia pic spam. Exia is so photogenic. Even though I haven’t markered in details and things yet.

Whooooo Setsuna + Exia! Exia looks so totally hot here. HOT POSES. Hot Meister + Hot Gundam = HOTNESS.

The giant broadsword is as long as Exia’s entire leg from hip to toe. That’s not counting the length of Exia’s arm yet, only the grey part. It’s seriously in danger of poking someone in the eye.

Comparison of space taken up. Virtue, surprisingly, takes up the least. The bazooka is sticking out though. Deathscythe’s wings are huge.

GN BAZOOKAAAAAA! Mokuhyou wo hakai suru!

The damned bazooka is huge.

DEATHSCYTHEEEEEEE. Why the hell is the scythe called ‘Beam Scissors’ though? Should it not be ‘Beam SCYTHE’?!!!! The length of the beam part of the scythe is nearly as big as the entire Deathscythe, and the handle is taller than the entire Deathscythe. The center of gravity is screwed so I can’t really pose Deathscythe too much.

Sorry for blurredness. Was too excited to hold the camera properly.

Oh, how I love gunpla.


~ by Someone in the Universe on June 14, 2008.

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  1. Brilliant!

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