Macross Frontier eps 9-10

Brera what’s his name, NEW HOT GUY who is a robot/cyborg whatever but oh wells, can’t ask for too much.

I told you Alto crossdressed. |D GEISHA ALTO-HIME FTW. Bijin. Yes, totally bijin.

I can’t remember what happened in ep 9 now, yay me and my wonderful memory. But episode 10 wasn’t bad. The Sheryl Kissing MY Alto-hime thing was HORRENDOUS, BLASPHEMOUS. The Ranka kissing him was. Okay but still very jealousy inducing. |D Yes I am protective over my anime guys.

Honestly though, although I enjoy Macross Frontier a lot a lot, I don’t really see why they put some episodes in, like the episode 10. Okay, fine, it does show us more between Brera/Ranka/Sheryl/ALTO-HIME etc, but really is it necessary to use an entire episode on it? Or maybe I’m just too used to plot-development-every-episode things like Gundam, Geass etc. Macross IS a nice change, comedy and wars and sexy mecha action and a fantastic sound track all in one, but it kinda puzzles me sometimes.

Sheryl’s manager is now the top badass person.

Oh yes, now I remember what episode 9 was.

Mikhail emoness. For all Macross is awesome it can’t really do emoey emoey things well, and I must say I was quite disappointed. Also, we keep getting reminded of the fact that Alto-hime is the main character after all, by giving him such a huge role in Mikhail’s backstory that Mikhail BARELY APPEARS AT ALL.


And despite claiming to delve into the truth behind Mikhail’s flirtatious attitude (oohlala~) IT DOESN’T AT ALL. Instead we get treated to semi-half-assed (quarter assed?) emo shitzzz about him and his sister which totally makes him seem he has a sister-complex WHICH IS BAD ):

The dynamics between Mikhail and Alto-hime were done pretty well though.

And as much as I love Kamiya Hiroshi-sama I don’t think he’s the best person for Mikhail. But then I can’t imagine Mikhail sounding like Alto, nor sounding smoother, etcetc so I guess Kamiya Hiroshi-sama is wonderful after all <3


~ by Someone in the Universe on June 10, 2008.

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  1. Macross 10 is a homage to Macross Zero, but it does advance the plot. The parallels between the two anime are very interesting and we can see where the relationships among the characters can go from now on. Moreover, they mentioned about Dr. Mao (the fact that she is a doctor now is interesting in itself), which is significant for she might have something to do with Ranka or Sheryl.

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