Gunpla! Nadleeh.

Not of assembled gunpla. Because Virtue decided to be a pain in the ass and gave me TONS of problems, even with a gunpla veteran helping me.

Pictures and ranting about GN-005 Virtue/GN-004 Nadleeh under cut. Warning: contains swear words and mild bawdy unfunny humour.


Nadleeh in the last episode. Maybe the crotch bit (sorry for being crude) was still there, but I can’t remember. Tieria sure knows how to bust up big huge expensive GN Drive Gundams.

Messy workplace. Look at the number of files strewn around everywhere! Ended up not using them too much, got pissed with my absurdly bad filing skills. Big brown paper bag in the corner contained 4 more gunpla, none of which I got to assemble because Virtue was being so fucking annoying.

Gundam Virtue – Warning, pain in the ass. Comes with five billion parts and rubbery things (the light blue ones) that do not look like they belong on a bloody GUNDAM.

Gundam body parts!

Awesome! Nadleeh, after four hours of slaving. FOUR HOURS. Most gunpla don’t even take two or so. And Nadleeh is only the halfway stage.

Sorry you have to crane your heads to see it stand up instead of gravity-defying attachment to the wall or whatever. Forgot to rotate photo.

Also note phallus-like thingies at its knees. When breaking out those things my gunpla veteran friend went ‘And that’s NOT a phallus.’ so the name kinda stuck.

Hello thar. I am GN-004, Gundam Nadleeh and I look female even though Gundams are like, 18m tall 50+ton machines and therefore genderless. Together with Virtue I drop excessive hints, unintentionally or otherwise to fangirls about Tieria, such as the fact that he might be a female. Not like his appearance didn’t kinda gave it away, though.

Honestly though, even though while fixing it I got really pissed off and said the f-word loads of times, it was really fun. The more I fix up Nadleeh/Virtue the more pissifying Nadleeh/Virtue gets, but the more I realise that Nadleeh is actually…. pretty.

Yes, Nadleeh is pretty. Really pretty. All that white and red.

My gunpla veteran friend says that Nadleeh/Virtue is nearly as posable as a Master Grade gunpla, despite only being High Grade, and he’s jealous and now wants a Nadleeh/Virtue too even though he thinks Virtue is fugly.

I’m going to marker in details and things when I’m done with Virtue, and probably not bothering about Nadleeh detail for a bit until I restrip it to Nadleeh for various possible reasons such as showing off it’s hair, showing off it’s gayness, putting it into gay poses with other gundams, etc. Probably not painting, unless a sticker falls off or something, or unless I wanted to see it with pink hair.

Depends on my budget. I kinda want to paint Heavyarms and Deathscythe when I actually do get around to building them.


~ by Someone in the Universe on June 8, 2008.

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  1. wow nadleeh sure so cool there

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