Gundam 00 Figurines!

Oh my, sexy abs. His abs have the best sculpting I have ever seen. Sorry for violating you, dear Allelujah.

Oh, Lockon Stratos.

And that’s Sumeragi lying in the background.

‘Lockon Stratos, I thought you liked little girls! ):’

Does Hallelujah like little boys too?

This can be seen in two ways

1) They’re dancing!

2) ‘Why won’t you accept my feelings?’ ‘Oh Lockon Stratos, you stupid lovable sex maniac, I’m sorry, I have to leave you. I’m promised to Hallelujah who happens to be more seme than you.’

Setsuna bitch slap!

Gashapon Wang Liu Mei is SO seriously cute. *_*

Gravity defying stunt! And why is he in such a weird pose >_>

Tieria’s womanly ass.

Sexy Allelujah ass!

I have all the figurines of g00 characters that I would ever want. Except I kinda want Graham and Portrait Set 1 Tieria too. Gashapon Tieria is also going to my friend, assuming I am willing to sacrifice him which I’m still unsure of.


~ by Someone in the Universe on June 8, 2008.

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