Macross Frontier ep 8

Oh gosh, I love how hilarious this episode is.

It’s the first proper episode with proper anime-ish funny facial expressions. Alto’s are HILARIOUS, so are Mikhail’s. Even Luca manages to endear him to myself a little.

Also the development of worked up tension between Ranka and Sheryl is awesome.

The thingy that jumps around. OHMYFUCKINGGODITISSOCUTE. It reminds me of Carbuncle in FF8. IT IS SO FUCKING CUTE it’s unbelievable. Total feeding of female kawaii-syndrome. And I actually fell for it.

New Hot Mysterious Guy who has yet to be given a name appears. At least, I think it’s him. I’m not too sure actually o_o

Alto and Sheryl are drawn especially well in this episode too.

Plotwise, not TOO much development, although… Nana likes Alto? Poor Luca. Sheryl’s I-am-the-queen-of-this-world attitude kinda pisses me off, but nevermind.

Next ep looks like it’s going to be all about Mikhail. YES, THANK YOU. A WHOLE EPISODE DEVOTED TO MIKHAIL AND KAMIYA HIROSHI.

Although yes, Alto IS the main character after all and I do love him, they don’t have to keep reminding us by sidelining Mikhail. ):


~ by Someone in the Universe on June 7, 2008.

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