Macross Frontier ep 7

Yes I’m really slow, but I went to Japan before I could watch it.

All I can say is one word. FANSERVICE.

1) Tons of sexy mecha action. I was practically drooling at the screen. The fight scenes are superb, and despite my depressed lovesick self I was still ogling at the screen.

That also proves that I am so much more like a guy.
2) Tons of Sheryl Nome fanservice. Can’t say I like this very much, but I’m sure the guys will. Will they ever do fanservice of Ranka? o_o And I want more Alto or Mikhail fanservice D:

The new character introduced at the end is interesting though. What’s his connection to Sheryl/Ranka? How come he pilots the damn thing while floating in mid air? And in the OP I always thought he was a girl o_O Oh wells. YET ANOTHER HOT AND MYSTERIOUS GUY <3

The internal organs structure of the Vajra mothership is interesting though. And if Alto meant something when he said ‘cannabalism? No, its-‘ and everyone figured out what dismembered Vajra organs body parts are doing in a Vajra mothership except me, I will feel sad.

What I’m sad about is that it spends an unnecessary amount of time on Sheryl. Not that I don’t like her, but a) it disrupts sexy mecha action and b) IT SEEMS TO HAVE NO RELATION TO THE STORY WHATSOEVER until the end bit where New Hot Mysterious Guy pops in for a visit.

If I sound weirder than normal, it’s because I’m hopelessly in love and with a real-life guy this time.


~ by Someone in the Universe on June 7, 2008.

One Response to “Macross Frontier ep 7”

  1. “That also proves that I am so much more like a guy.”

    I am a guy, but I don’t care about mecha at all :P

    “And I want more Alto or Mikhail fanservice D:”

    There will be some hot action later on :P

    If you have not done so yet, watching Macross Zero before Macross Frontier Episode 10 may be beneficial, but not required ;)

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