Gintama: Iwanu ga Hana

Finally, the first anime on TV that I’ve watched since coming here. And guess what, ’tis the LATEST EPISODE! zomgzomg! I am on time!

First off, I have never watched Gintama before, and know nothing about it beyond the blue haired guy and the orange haired girl and the big dog thingo. Also I was half-asleep throughout the entire thing so yes.

The art style is… okay, not TOO appealing but is fine. The animation is nice, and the background CG and things are nice too, especially their cloudy skies. <3333

Background music wise, the only bit that I properly listened to was FANTASTIC. OP is nice, ED is so-so.

Story… uh. Seeing as I was half-asleep and there are no subs so basically 70% of the dialogue flew out of my head… Any loopholes or whatever I won’t be able to see too, because I know zilch about the storyline before this. The old guy preferring Kyouichirou over his own son, etc, emotional heart-wrenching things is quite well done, I felt emo/pity even though I was half-asleep.

I’m semi-in love with.. Kyouichirou? That black haired scar guy. Obviously partly thanks to his SUPERBLY shota-ness when he was young. But I admire his uprightness, piety and total dedication. Did he die in the end? I HOPE NOT.

Gin (or who I THINK is Gin) is quite hot. I guess. I don’t like him too much at the moment, but he does seem quite sweet and nice even though he’s an idiot usually.

But overall somehow it made a WHAM impression on me, even though I was half asleep and stuff. I still don’t know what the heck is going on but I’m going to start watching…. soon.

After I finish Gundam Wing.


~ by Someone in the Universe on May 29, 2008.

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