In Japan!/Allelujah Hallelujah figurines

Yes, I am in Japan, Sapporo, Hokkaido. I hope this explains why I’ve been MIA. On immersion programme, otherwise I would so have gone to Akihabara. :B

I can’t really watch anime any more because I didn’t bring my laptop (and I regret it.) and my host isn’t interested in anime so she doesn’t know where all the animes are and anyway there are only a few that I want to watch right now, like GUNDAM WING. sdgsadlgjsk I NEED TO WATCH WING NOW.

Anyway so far I’ve bought Stephanie’s debut album because I love her, both the Gundam 00 mangas, GetBackers 37 and 38 (intending to buy whole set but the bookstore I went to only had those two) Animage June (with awesome g00 playing cards furoku) and this AWESOME magazine featuring seiyuus but most notably the 4 Meisters’ VAs and Nakamura Yuuichi and Osomethingwara Arisa (Soma and Haro) and Fujiwara Keiji (Ali <3) Miki Shinichirou looks so damn hot, I have become a total Miki Shinichirou fangirl. S damn hot, I have become a total Miki Shinichirou fangirl. Seriously. Kamiya Hiroshi looks so damn girly and adorable <3 and Yoshino Hiroyuki looks DAMN AWESOME. Even Mamo-kun turned on the charm a lot, I think I’m starting to fall in love with him slightly.

I love the weather. It’s supposed to be spring but it’s like 10 degrees in the day. I wore ankle socks and a short above-knee dress and laughed at all my fellow immersion-mates sniffling and wearing more than three layers. The teacher in charge kept asking if I was cold and refused to believe me when I said that my legs weren’t cold at all. My fingers did nearly fall off though.

Saw loads of fantastic Gseed/destiny/00 female figurines. WHERE ARE MY MEN?! Couldn’t find gunpla though, bikkuri shita naaa~ DOUSHITE DD:

Already spent some 7k yen of my 44k yen, ouch. I need to budget.


also, I got my Hallelujah AND my Allelujah figurine on the 23rd. I LOVE ALLE.  <3333


~ by Someone in the Universe on May 25, 2008.

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