Gundam Wing

I have already seen all the similarities to Gundam 00 and I’ve only watched the first episode.

Firstly, the only female Gundam pilot whose name I still do not know, reminds me a LOT of Allelujah. Quatre? At least, I THINK she’s a girl :X She has a female Seiyuu, Orikasa Ai, and she has a low but FEMALE sounding voice, so if she’s male I’ll be seriously disturbed. I hope she has a split personality |D

Heero Yuy astounds me. Totally. In the last bit where he rips up the invitation, walks past Relena and wipes her tears in a single smooth gesture, and then goes ‘I will kill you’ is ZOMGZOMGZOMG 8DDD I think I’m in love with him. I have to say that I wished that I was Relena at that moment; although the I-will-kill-you bit is rather scary, WTF WHO CARES 8D

Trowa and Duo look so damn rapeable. <3 Wing seems to be full of shota-but-not-quite-shota guys. Heero, Duo? :X Deathscythe’s debut was ZOMGYAYDEATHSCYTHE because I have an unhealthy obsession with it. The gundam with the barrel shooting thing is quite ugly though, who was it piloted by? Trowa? I can’t remember, all I know is that I was overwhelmed by its fugliness. Nevermind, I thought Virtue was fugly at first. I still think it’s fugly, but not quite as fugly as before. |D

The animation is awesome for 1995, it’s already about five billion times better than Weiss and Weiss was 1999 or so. The painterly style they use for backgrounds and stuff is love, and the characters are drawn pretty well and all too. I have to say that Trowa’s hair kinda scares me. I think it’s Trowa, at least. I seriously can’t remember all their names >_> All the number things do not seem to have a significance, I hope the significance pops up later if not I will kill them for dumping a ton of weird names at me that I have no hope of remembering.

Duo currently is marked as the Michael/Hallelujah of Wing. Quatre is Alle, Heero is Hallelujah x Setsuna, Wu Fei is the next gay Hong Long. Trowa… hm. Can’t really tell yet. Zechs is the Sergei Smirmov, albeit 2382735827 times hotter and with hair-fetishable hair to boot. WHAI DOES HE WEAR THAT FUGLY MASK despite being an awesome bishounen? So overall he really is less Sergei Smirmov and more Rey za Burrel. With the same colour hair. |D

The plot… Can’t say too much about it, seeing as I’m not too sure what’s happening. Honestly. It does seem really like the armed-interventions-to-stop-war, with the 4 overpowered Gundams owning hte other fugly mobile suits. The OZ and the Alliance are… enemies, I suppose. I don’t think I paid enough attention to the start.

Relena Darlian is quite cool so far, so I’ve decided to like her. She seems kinda like me, all wistful and with those two short semi-RP scenes. ‘Watakushi wa… watakushi wa Relena Darlian. …Anata wa?’ She kinda looks like Marina Ismail though, so… :X

Okay. This is bad. Quatre is male. e_e I AM DISTURBED.

Oh wells. Will wait for rest of the eps to finish downloading.


~ by Someone in the Universe on May 19, 2008.

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  1. Oh my… The memories… I think I saw that series about a decade ago lol It is worth seeing I guess. There will be some nice foil fencing :) The characters that I liked the most were Lucrezia and Zechs. I recall I once drew a portrait of Zechs and someone commented that it is a nice looking girl lol I fail at drawing. I really liked the song Just Communication :)

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