Geass 11-13

After watching these couple of eps I HAVE to blog about it because it made me go ‘WHAT THE F’ a lot. Not necessarily in a bad way.

And yes, do welcome me back into this world.

Anyway. 12. Shirley and Lulu have that emo scene in the rain. Emo scenes in the rain NEVER stop at hugging, I should have figured it out by now. I saw the hugging bit, went to my friend, ‘I think I ship Lulu x Shirley now.’ Then I saw the kissing bit, and went ‘ZOMG THEY JUST KISSED. WTF. I HATE LULU X SHIRLEY.’ Yes, I kid you not. It’s quite a sweet scene really, and it’s nice and romantic and super emo but THIS IS LULU. D< GO AWAY SHIRLEY.

The story as usual is interesting, animation is good, blahblah BUT IT IS NOT EXCITING. The mech fighting scenes are still ‘Okay. Mech battle scene. What’s for dinner?’ sort of scenes. It might have something to do with the fact that they’re all fugly except for the Lancelot, which is probably my favourite charactermech in the show.

Cornelia is quickly becoming my favourite human. She plans a lot of attacks, doesn’t she? >_> The ongoing battles between Lulu and Cornelia with undertones of sibling rivalry in addition to military whatevers is quite awesome. Two battle geniuses are always better than one battle genius owning the other.

The new OP sucksass. Probably one of my least favourite OPs ever. Person can’t sing, and THE ANIMATION IS RECYCLED it is so blatant it hurts. The original animation wasn’t very exciting in any way, and they were too lazy to even draw a new one, wtf? New ED is the same, except the song is considerably better than the OP. Nothing as fantastic as Yuukyou Seishunka though.

What makes me rather uncomfortable is the rather blatant shoujo-ai implications between Millay and Shirley. I like Millay, and I prefer her straight. And single. It’s funny to watch her saunter around, she has an awesome presence somehow.

Kallen is still damn annoying. I HATE KALLEN, GO DIE OR SOMETHING. CC is quite cool, I loved how the people took off the Zero mask to find that it was CC in 12. And she has nice hair, unlike Kallen. >_>

Will still be going through Geass really slowly, especially now that I need to watch Gundam Wing and Fafner.

I still don’t like Lulu when he’s Zero, I like Lulu as Lulu. That’s all.


~ by Someone in the Universe on May 19, 2008.

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