Macross Frontier eps 5-6

Watched Ep 5 this… Tuesday I believe, but have yet to blog about it.



Alto is MINE/Ranka’s.

Ranka keeps going higher and higher up in my ‘List of the Rare Female Character Whom I Actually Do Not Want To Kill’.

Macross doesn’t really seem to have a proper point so far, because they focus more on Sheryl-Alto-hime-Ranka than any proper development with the Vajra and all, but I don’t mind. The Vajra revealed to be controlled by something bigger is enough for me.

Is it just me, or is the woman-commander-person’s boyfriend REALLY REALLY GAY LOOKING?! And he has a disgusting haircut gah.

And because this post is short and devoid of content I shall update it with ep 6 stuff when I finish watching it. I’m dling the raw though, because I can’t wait for subs to be out, so if I misunderstand a lot of things and therefore rant about all the wrong things I apologise.

Ep 6!
Okay. Didn’t really watch it properly, because I realise that my listening really sucks |D I have to listen to something maybe five times over to get fully what they’re trying to say, and I’m far too lazy to do that. All I can say is that Alto is being bitchy to Ranka, it seems, and at the end, where he (I think) flies away and doesn’t return (does he? IDUNNO D:) it’s really sad. Sheryl is totally obsessed with him, GO DIE SHERYL. The return of insert song Diamond Crevasse is dearly loved though. I love that song.

Shall update properly when subs are out, if I don’t find out that Alto is actually saying that he’s gay and totally wants to get it on with Mikhail (I DON’T MIND. I WOULD WANT TO TOO 8D) and is flying away with Mikhail to space or something~

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t support that pairing :X


Okay. Ep 6 is a letdown, in my opinion. It’s totally boring. Sheryl moves slightly higher up in my (dis)liking for her, because she IS quite brave. Her Alto-hime-hitting is really pissing me off though. The bits about Galaxy and the Vajra are interesting, but they don’t take up too much of the episode. Diamond Crevasse is greatly loved. <3 ‘Sayonara, sayonara, itoshii hito; anata ga ita kara, aruitekometa’

I’m going to be really MIA for the next few days. Seriously busy. Bye. |D


~ by Someone in the Universe on May 11, 2008.

One Response to “Macross Frontier eps 5-6”

  1. “List of the Rare Female Character Whom I Actually Do Not Want To Kill”


    “disgusting haircut gah”

    Oh yeah, it is really horrible.



    “I love that song”

    Yup, Diamond Crevasse is nice



    Ohime-sama should have given back the earing! Putting objects in a ship is a distraction!!! One interesting thing we learn is that Ranka can run very, VERY fast lol

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