Loveless anime

Loveless. Hm. What to say about this.

Loveless is my favourite manga, ever. Ever, ever, ever, ever, ever. Nothing to do with the shounen-ai in it. There can be 0 shounen ai and I would still be deeply in love with it.

The anime I can’t really say the same, because on first sight it’s not as fantastic as the manga. The execution is pretty slick though, with good animation, good voice acting, good sound, FANTASTIC music, etc. The storyline seems lacking to those who don’t read the manga and watch anime and think of the two of them as one, because the storyline covered in the anime alone is somewhat the first half and slightly plotless bit of Loveless. It’s not the anime’s fault. I have to thank them for making Soubi ASGKJHWELKJAE;;;; MY SOUBI ):

Anyway I rewatched a bit of Loveless today because I felt bored. The art is pretty damn good, there are very few shots where the characters look weird (unlike say, Gundam 00. D: ) They all look alive and ‘pop out’ properly. The animation is pretty slick too, no weird funny jerkings or anything, except when there’s supposed to be, of course.

The OST is SUPERBSUPERBSUPERB ASDGKLSHGS;;; It was the first OST I bothered to dl. Usually other animes I just dl a couple of tracks that I like. My favourite tracks are the Seimei ones, the mysterious otherwordly feeling of it all. The music fits the scenes and whatnot very well, with cheerful cute jazzy-ish melodies for comedic scenes. The OP is fantastically catchy and amazing, it stuck in my head for ages. The ED, although not spectacular, and kind of forgettable, is an amazing song when you listen to it, with amazing lyrics, and both songs fit the anime so well I wonder if it’s the rare song that’s specially composed for the anime. Tsuki no KAASU is composed by Kajiura Yuki apparently, ZOMGWTF SDGFJSG;;; KAJIURA YUKI <3

Anyway. The voice acting is teh pwnz. Minagawa Junko [zomg] as Ritsuka, Konishi Katsuyuki [this is what made me fell in love with him] as Soubi, Fukuyama Jun as Yayoi, Noto Mamiko as Hitomi-sensei, KOYASU TAKEHITO [ZOMG!] AS RITSU SENSEI, Yoshino Hiroyuki [ZOMGZOMGZ] as Youji, Saiga Mitsuki [ZOMG] as Natsuo. Ritsuka doesn’t sound like a girl at all, despite being voiced by one. He sounds lovely-ly natural, emo, pissed, etc, all that he’s supposed to sound like, while still touching my heart with his voice. Soubi is… rather harder to define. I don’t think his voice fits that well, but I don’t see anyone else who could have voiced him and honestly speaking Konishi Katsuyuki is superb. Deep, smooth, manly? |D The only issue I have is that during spell battles he sounds a little weird. I haven’t rewatched enough to get to the parts where he gets pwned by the female Zeros, so I can’t remember whether he sounded vulnerable enough. Yuiko is also an awesome piece of work, just that I can’t remember her seiyuu’s name.

Plotwise, unless you take the manga into account as well, you can’t really comment too much about it. Although many people were pissed with the fake new ending, I loved it. Because I love mushy lines like ‘If that day comes [where Seimei orders me to kill Ritsuka], I would rather die first.’ Yes, yes, I do. Also, considering how much material the animators had to work with, it’s already pretty damn good. What I don’t like was the playing up of the Yayoi-Yuiko-Ritsuka love triangle, they should have played up on the Shinonome-Soubi-Ritsuka-Yuiko one more or something |D Although it might turn out really weird, LULZ. It wasn’t as dark as the manga, which is quite sad. Generally though I think it gets the point across, and addresses a fair number of issues present in the manga, like that of relationships, abuse, love, etc, although maybe not with as many literary and anime/manga devices, like in the manga. The relationships between the characters, which is the thing that moves the story along, is wonderfully developed. I so love Soubi’s scene in which he calls Ritsu sensei up then hangs up on him <3

The characters are enigmatic, complex, interesting, wonderfully lovable. Ritsuka is nearly as squishable as Setsuna is, and the depth of the emotions and pain he feels really touches me. For a main character, he’s… so human. Soubi, at first, seems just like the wonderfully wonderfully seme, badass, host-club-material manly man like he is, but the layers reveal themselves and this gets totally subverted sometimes. Yuiko’s innocence and naivete, despite her overtly high voice that kills my ears, is lovely too.

Overall I’d say they did a fantastic job of animating Kouga Yun-sama’s work of art, Loveless. I really do want a sequel though, whether or not it follows the original storyline. Somehow despite this being the 3rd or 4th time I’m rewatching Loveless I still am not bored.

That said, now it’s time for fangirling.

I love you, Soubi.

Soubi is my life and the guy I want to find. :0

I have totally been in love with him ever since the infamous ‘grab-and-kiss’ scene in the first book, but as his badass image was subverted again and again and his weaknesses, faults and insecurities show I fall deeper and deeper in love with him to the extent that I let out a FANGIRLWAILOFANGUISH yesterday when I read the latest Loveless chapter and FOUND OUT THAT HE DID NOT APPEAR THIS MONTH EITHER ZOMGWTF. Although there is interesting development to make up for it. Gundam 00 is very obviously distracting Kouga Yun from Loveless, but nevermind. SHE COULD AT LEAST HAVE SOME FANSERVICE. Soubi to me is perfection in imperfection, someone who gives all without asking anything in return, but yearns to be loved and accepted, who is exactly like a child sometimes but is also so loving at the same time. It doesn’t hurt that he is ZOMGWTFBADASS and ZOMGWTFHOTHOTHOT and that I have a hair fetish and he has really nice long flowy hairrr~

Manga wise, this would get 15/10. Anime wise, if considering anime and anime alone, maybe about 9.


~ by Someone in the Universe on May 11, 2008.

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  1. Nice review :]
    Soubi is mine thanks<3 I’m going to sell my soul to the devil for one wish and I’ll wish for a real life Soubi :] I may let you hug him though :]

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