Kure-nai ep 5

Haven’t been blogging about Kure-nai in a while. I know this came out a few days ago but I just go to watch it today.

Why does watching Kure-nai bring a warm fuzzy feeling to my heart? Maybe it’s the splendid animation and rendering of the characters that make me feel so attached to them. Maybe it’s the gentle, loving way the story and life of the characters unfold. Maybe it’s just because Kurenai Shinkurou is too adorable and sweet.

Although this certainly does not excite me, and I don’t rush to mad-fangirl-grab at the episodes every time a new one comes out, this is very high on my must-watch list. It’s a lovely series, awesome music, awesome animation, lovely art, amazingly rendered background sceneries and a natural, gentle flow and way of storytelling. The life that Shinkurou has is presented very compellingly, and I am horribly attached to him.


I kind of ship him and the computer-information girl, whom I can’t remember the name of, though.

I LOVE YOU, KURENAI SHINKUROU. Let this outright declaration of love be knownst to you o.o

This is one of the best animes of the spring season (which, frankly, I’m rather disappointed with.) along with Macross and maybe Code Geass (seeing as I don’t like Geass THAT much, yeah.) Do watch it.


~ by Someone in the Universe on May 10, 2008.

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