Scrapped Princess

Yes, I know this is quite an old anime. I watched it a couple of times before, rewatching now because I just discovered that my dear, awesome, fangirl-inducing Shannon Casull was done by my dear, awesome, fangirl-inducing Miki Shinichirou.

I love Shannon. Kthxbai.

Don’t feel like writing a proper review. Not that I’ve actually written any proper reviews so far. But I think reviews with a personal ranty/fangirly touch are preferable |D It’s nice to find fellow fangirls.

Anyway when they did a close up of Christopher’s (whom I also fangirl) face I realise how… kind of sucky the art is, compared to, say, Gundam 00. (I seem to be judging everything based on Gundam 00. Not good.) Not to say it’s bad, and it has been quite a few years since SutePuri was released, and the art style was perfectly fine for the time period it was in. I do like the art style, just that it’s nothing very fantastic. The character’s faces all look different – that’s one thing I look out for a lot. Characters are nicely designed, with cool costumes (that would be a pain to cosplay but ohwells – I could do Winia! |D)

Anyway. OP and ED are fantastic, ED more so than the OP. Both have the feel of the supposed era SutePuri is set in, and… IDUNNO D: They feel right. OP animation sequences are fine, nothing too special. ED sequence, however, in my opinion, is amazing. I love how they portray Pacifica more grown up and princessy/queenly than the usual cute-girl image, like how she matures over the show to step into her role. The upscrolling images of the characters is somewhat… unimaginative, but I think it fits very well. I love the ending shot of Zefiris looking like… Zefiris. Zefiris is awesome. Anyway it gives a sense of closure, like Zefiris presiding over the world or something (SHE TOTALLY SHOULD.) It all feels very nostalgic and lovely and serene, no doubt helped by the lovely song Daichi no la-li-la by… two girls, can’t remember who.

Story is pretty good and solid. There’s quite a lot of mystery surrounding the whole thing, and it concludes (if my memory serves me correctly – I watched this maybe two years ago) quite satisfactorily. Also the quite sudden introduction of that-guy-who-looks-like-Shannon and his sudden death is rather. D: Weird. I don’t remember any plot holes though, even minor ones, but then two years ago I wasn’t as discerning/cynical/critical as I am now. I like the straightforward way of storytelling. This is a very plot and character driven anime, rather than action or anything. Also the snippets of action are awesome, like dear Shannon-sama (x Animation is satisfactory, don’t notice anything bad or good about it. It’s not focusing on flashy animation anyway.

Voice acting is pretty good, Orisaka Fumiko as Pacifica, Oohara Sayaka as Raquel, and dear AWESOME Miki Shinichirou as Shannon. HAVEISAIDHOWAWESOMEHEIS?|D Voices all fit characters, and I think they portray the characters very well, although I think Raquel has a slightly too soft voice, nothing too big a problem though. Chris’ voice is also awesome. Dialogue sounds and feels pretty natural, especially Pacifica’s troubled lines about how it might be better if she just died. She touches my heart, and that is already very rare for female characters.

Demerits… hm. Can’t really think up any. Pacifica might come across as annoying to some people, but funnily she doesn’t to me.

All in all this is a pretty solid anime. It draws me in, although it doesn’t really excite</em me per se, unlike Gundam 00 (I know I will rabidly download the eps every week when Season 2 comes out in October) it interests me a lot. I like this series a lot, especially the characters. Zefiris is love. |D Shannon is love. Christopher is love.

Pairings I ship/support/OTP-ize: (this is the only anime where I support so many canon pairings.)
-Christopher x Winia
-Shannon x Zefiris
-Leo x Pacifica

Overall: 8.5/10 (nothing too outstanding, but lovely anyway.)
Art: 8/10
Animation: 8/10
OP/ED: 9/10
Music: 9/10 (Lovely old-fashioned countryish BGM)
Voice acting: 9/10
Story/Plot: 9/10 (Pretty imaginative and solid.)
Flow: 8/10 (Rather slow, but this aspect is more positive than negative; you can float around with the characters, and take time to digest the world.)

Also, my big math exam was fucking screwed up. My 4.0 GPA is gone, dead dead NONEXISTENT. My mum is so going to kill me. It’s competing with my Physics paper for the worst paper I’ve ever done. I’ll see when I get back my results, but I still think my physics paper was the most fucked up paper I did in my whole life, and it’s not because I don’t know the applications and things, THEY TESTED US ON PHYSICS THEORY WTF? The point of physics is NOT to regurgitate whatever the teacher might have said in class when I was sleeping.

Maybe I’m just pissed because Physics used to be my best subject and now the exam format doesn’t suit me any more. [/rant]


~ by Someone in the Universe on May 7, 2008.

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