Vampire Knight – I GIVE UP.

Yes, I have totally given up on Vampire knight. The whole thing annoys me to hell.

Animation sucks, characters don’t move smoothly. It feels damn unnatural, and if I, the anime watcher who focuses on art more than the animation most of the time, notices, it’s terrible. I really really couldn’t stand it and switched it off after a couple of minutes and vowed never to watch it again.

The dialogue feels reeeeeally contrived. I don’t know how to explain it, but all the ‘Zero?!’ and stuff is just utter bullshit. It sounds exactly like it’s in some show, not realistic, not something you would expect to hear in real life. Yuuki’s voice actor (Yui Horie was it?) is now on my ‘I don’t know what the F she is doing’ list. Miyano Mamoru is… passable at Zero. Not spectacular though. His inconsistency is one thing that I really dislike about him. He was fantastic as Suou Tamaki and Setsuna but he just fell completely as Yagami Raito and Zero. [EDIT] okay I misread, Headmaster Cross is not who I thought it was, no wonder I thought it didn’t sound like him. D: Anyway whoever who did Headmaster is awesome. <3[/edit]

Anyway. The plotline and everything feels very… dumb to me right now. He bit her, yadayada, he’s a vampire, SHE ONLY JUST REALISED?! I MEAN, COME ON, WTF? HOW DUMB IS SHE? Yuuki’s blood is very nice, everyone wants a piece of her, yadayada okay, moving on.


The entire manga storyline is, to me, bullshit. Zero ignoring Yuuki because she’s a vampire and he hates vampires, etcetc, his twin brother, Kaname and Yuuki being sibling and fiancees, do they really need the 7 volumes out so far to say that? I don’t think so. A lot of the manga is dedicated to female fanservice, like Kaname letting Zero suck his blood. And it doesn’t work on me, because a) I HATE HATEHATEHATE GOBURNINHELL HATE THE ART STYLE b) the face angles and stuff aren’t drawn too well, c) the hand proportion is usually screwed, d) BLATANT FANSERVICE MUCH, JUST TO ATTRACT FANGIRLS, e) those sort of empty pretty boys do not interest me.

Anyway I am not going to pick it up again. Unless I am really so bored until I have nothing to do. Even then I’ll probably step out of the house to do cosplay costume materials shopping instead of watching VKnight.

Current ratings:
Overall: 5/10 (I so would not watch this.)
Art: 7/10 (still okay with art style, despite being numerous odd angles.)
Animation: 5/10 (GAH, HORRID ANIMATION)
OP/ED: 8/10 (not bad, but doesn’t fit the anime at all.)
Music: 7/10 (So so, nothing really stands out.)
Voice acting: 6/10 (GOD, YUUKI SHOULD JUST DIE. This is saved from an embarassing 5 or lower by a great Headmaster Cross, and Kishio Daisuke as a not too bad Kaname, despite not sounding manly enough.)
Flow: 6/10 (Slow. Of course, I’m more used to shounen flow, but GAH SLOW.)
Characters: 7/10 (Empty, boring. Headmaster Cross is quite interesting, Zero is okay, Kaname is just passable, Aidou is cute. THAT’S ALL.)

Note that a lot of things are saved by one or two small merits in a sea of faults.

If there’s one thing I cannot stand, it’s Vampire Knight. I need to go mug for my gigantic math test tomorrow, bye.


~ by Someone in the Universe on May 6, 2008.

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