Cosfest in Singapore is around 5th or 6th of July this year, the midyear one that is.

I was planning to cosplay Makubex from GetBackers, but it looks like I won’t be in time for midyear, because half my June holiday is spent in Japan immersion and the other half is chewed up by SMP, this terrible terrible tough project that is mandatory for entering a class of mine. So I guess I shall have to cosplay at the End of Year cosfest, as well as any random small fests that pop up, if I finished my costume by then. I hope it ownz |D seeing as I’m going to be more or less making it up from scratch. No wig either, because I can’t stand the fakeness of wigs. I’m going to cut/style my hair and spray white.

My friend has also suggested Tieria Erde from G00. I was thinking about cosplaying him long before she said anything, actually. I’m just rather too tanned and too smiley to be him, I think. But I’ll definitely try |D I’d definitely need a wig for this one though, because I refuse to grow my hair just to cosplay Tieria, and I refuse to cut the straight cut thingo because I know I’ll look fugly in it.

It’d be nice to have someone to complement either of these two characters though, seeing as I’m cosplaying alone for both. For Makubex a Ginji or Shido or Kadzuki or Sakura would be fine, for Tieria any one of the other Meisters or Sumeragi would be lovely. SOMEONE COSPLAY WITH MEEEE~ If you’re in Singapore, do say so.

Seeing as I am very anal about details and strive for near perfection in cosplaying, to the extent of striking off all my favourite characters from my possible-cosplay list because my face wouldn’t fit them at all, I hope I can actually get my costume done. D:

Makubex’s bandana looks very impractical and physically impossible. I hope I can tie it.


~ by Someone in the Universe on May 6, 2008.

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