Gundam Festival 08 – For the fangirls.

This is transcriptions and rough translations from the Gundam Festival. The three videos are listed below, in order. Newtype March comes with a DVD with this, (which was the only reason why I got it) which is where I believe they ripped it from.

Part A
Part B
Part C
Due to weird errors I can’t embed them. Sorry D:

Please do remember a) My Japanese is not the most perfect one around b) I am very stickler for details for translations, preferring to stick to miniscule details and try to bring out the original meaning rather than make the flow good and c) my listening/transcription sucks. The videos has a lot of spasticness and a LOT of fangirl screaming, making it really hard for words to be heard properly. They also rattle off syllables at an unbelieveable speed (even by my standards) sometimes, so the couple of transcriptions here are in no way perfect, but the essential meanings are there.

Also I will not do all, just the parts that interest me. Unless someone requests for some other part that I didn’t translate. Notable bits will have the time they start from in front.

Narrator (Suwabe Juunichi): Nisen hachi nen ichigatsu nijuushichinichi, toukyou shinjuku ni GANDAMU FAN ga shuuketsu. Sono kazu nanto- nisen nin!
(2008 January 27th, Gundam fans gather in Shinjuku, Tokyo. What’s with that number – two thousand people!)

2:58: Seiyuus in order of appearance from right to left (seiyuu names listed with surnames first):
Saito Chiwa (Louise Halevy), Irino Miyu [cue fangirl in me] (Saji Crossroad), Fujiwara Keiji (Ali Al-Saachez), Tsunematsu Ayumi (Marina Ismail), Kamiya Hiroshi [cue fangirl] (Tieria Erde), Yoshino Hiroyuki [cue fangirl] (Allelujah Haptism/Hallelujah) (technically, Hallelujah doesn’t have a surname), Miki Shinichiro [cue fangirl] (Lockon Stratos), Miyano Mamoru (Setsuna F. Seiei), Honna Youko (Sumeragi Lee Noriega), Nakamura Yuuichi [cue fangirl – ALTO!!!] (Graham Aker), Ogasawara Arisa (Soma Peries/Haro), Hamada Kenji (Patrick Colasour)
KAMIYA SENSEI LOOKS SO CUTEEEEE @u@ And Miki Shinichirou is wearing all pink, aww.

3.10: MCs: ‘MOBIRU SUUTSU norareteiru kata ni, chotto kiite. Bucchake iu no, ‘Ore no MOBIRU SUUTSU ga ichiban kakke- naa’~ da to omotte te wo agete kudasai.’
(People who can ride on mobile suits, please listen. Honestly speaking, if you think ‘My Mobile Suit is the coolest!’ please raise your hand.)
[NOTE HOW KAMIYA HIROSHI RAISES HIS HAND AT THE Kakke- (cool) part Cx SO CUTE. Why does Yoshino Hiroyuki have to think so long? Kyrios is obviously the coolest D<]

MC: ‘Yoshino san wa.. anou, Kyrios wa doko ga suki desuka?’
(Yoshino san, um, what do you like about Kyrios?)
Yoshino Hiroyuki: DA SHIING~ da to omoimasu ne. Anou… GAN GAN- ZHJAWWW~ Anou, namae ga wakanee da.
(I think its DA SHIINGG~ Umm… GAN GAN- ZHJAWWWW~ Uh, I don’t know the name.)

Kamiya Hiroshi: Ahh, saikou da.
(That’s the best)
MC: Soko ga ii.
(That’s [Kyrios’ shield] good.)
Yoshino Hiroyuki: Hai, hai, are ga ii.
(Yes yes, that’s good.)

MC: ‘Kamiya san wa dou desu ka?’
(What about you Kamiya-san?)
Kamiya Hiroshi: BA KANNNN- da to omoimasu. watashi wa BHANNNNN nanda to omoimasu.
(I think it’s BA KANNNN- Yeah, I think it’s the BHANNNNN~)
[I assume he’s referring to Nadleeh’s swords since Virtue doesn’t really go BA KANNNN with the GN Cannon :0 Maybe it does.]
Yoshino Hiroyuki: BA KANNNN- ne~? 8D Are kakkou ne. Tashika ni.
(BA KANNN-? That’s cool isn’t it. True.)
KH: Na? 8D
YH: Na? 8D
KH: Na? 8D
YH: Na? 8D
[This chain would be like ‘Yes?’ ‘Yes!’ ‘Yes?’ ‘Yes!’ SO SPASTIC SO CUTE AHAHAHA]

MC: Miki san wa ikaga desu ka?
[What about you, Miki san?]
Miki Shinichirou: Ore naa ma BIANNNNNG to nandesu yo. PHIANNNNNNNGG~!
[For me I think it’s BIANNNGGGG!]
(Okay this is really quite inaccurate but the general idea is there)
Kamiya Hiroshi: Kiita koto nai, sonna koe XD
(I’ve never heard your that voice before)

MC: Miyano kun wa?
(What about Miyano kun?)
Miyano Mamoru: GN Sword.

Yoshino Hiroyuki’s speech
[lazy to transcript, I’m not too sure what he’s saying either. I know the interesting-ness is weird, but that’s the only thing I can think of that translates D: ]

Good afternoon. I am Yoshino Hiroyuki playing Allelujah Haptism. Um, about Gundam 00, after a while… after a while, it will be the end, [and something about… his feelings?] What kind of story this is going to be turn into… At first I honestly didn’t know either. Every round, when I receive the script, I thought ‘Wow, amazing!’ and was surprised, but the people who are watching are probably not shocked, I think. In the end, to have received the interesting-ness from working on Gundam 00, I’m very happy. Afterwards… G Fest? G Fest is amazing isn’t it? Regardless of age, you gave me [something], and the people who talk about Gundams earnestly listened to me and I’m a little surprised for that. But, [something about happy people], I’m happy too. Well, I’ll be going back. Bye!

[comments: HE IS SO ADORABLE D: /fangirl I wish he used his Allelujah/Hallelujah voice to talk though, that would have been awesome.]

Kamiya Hiroshi’s speech [CUE FANGIRL]
I’m honestly not too sure what he’s talking about, so I shall not embarrass myself by attempting to translate. Something about it being the first time on stage as a seiyuu? And about the G in G Fest, and about how the G in G Shock, the brand of his watch, and about how it can… survive being in the sea?

Quote someone: ‘Tieria’s seiyuu – Hiroshi Kamiya – OH MY GOD, HE’S LAUGHING. Totally not like T-chan or Itoshiki Nozomu.’ I love his laugh 8D He’s so adorable at the end, ‘Sore de waaaa~’ [/fangirl]

This took me the better part of 3 hours or so.

Video B:
[coming soon. if i can be bothered.]

Video C:
[coming soon. if i can be bothered.]
This includes a reenactment of a scene from episode 2, and the Meisters each saying a line and discussing their characters. AWESOME. It also has Miyano Mamoru’s speech. Although I’m not too great of a fan of him his voice is awesomely smooth talking and manly without being really deep or anything. I think when he grows older he’ll be the next Koyasu Takehito or Miki Shinichirou XD

Setsuna [Miyano]: GANDAMU da. (Gundam.)
Lockon [Miki]: Haa? (What?)
Setsuna [Miyano]: Ore ga GANDAMU da! -vrooooooom- (I AM GUNDAM!) [OMG SO SPASTIC]
Lockon [Miki]: Nani tten de- (What are you sayin-)
Setsuna [Miyano]: VROOOOOOM.
Allelujah [Yoshino]: Kodomo no omori wo yoroshiku. -vrooooom- (You’re welcome to babysit the kid! OR thank you for babysitting the kid. I think both are acceptable.)
Tieria [Kamiya]: Sakusen KOODO ni idou suru -vrooooom- (Commencing operation maneuvers.)
Lockon [Miki]: Oi oi OMAERA!!! (Oi, you all!)
Haro: Binbokuji! (Unlucky!)

Gundam Meister lines:
Tieria: Banshi ni atai suru!
(The subbers for my subs translate it as ‘I’ll sentence you to death!’ but I think it’s more of ‘You deserve death!’ except that’s passive, not active, while ‘suru’ indicates that it’s an active word, not a passive one. Considering all that I guess ‘I’ll sentence you to death’ fits. Oh, the joys of the hardships of translation.)

Allelujah: Bokura wa kidai no TERORISTU desu yo.
[note the fangirly squeals in the background! HE SOUNDS SO CUTE AND ALLELUJAHISH OMFGBBQ;; <3]
(We’re famous terrorists. – Said to Sumeragi in ep 11)

Hallelujah: Onna… namae wa? Koroshiteigearu!
[something like that, at least – NOTE HOW ALL THE FANGIRLS WENT CRAZY.]
(Woman…. what’s your name? I’ll kill you!)
If Hallelujah said ‘Onna… namae wa?’ to me I think I’ll just squeal something, faint and die of happiness in his arms :0 It sounds so much like a pick up line that Hallelujah would use LULZ.

Lockon: Kyou no ore wa… yousha nee zo.
[Miki has tons of fangirls squealing in the background too (x]
(Today I have no mercy.)
Lockon (at the request of Irino Miyu): ‘DIYUNAMESU! Mokuhyou wo neraiutsu!’
(Dynames! Sniping the target!)
[Irino-kun said that he loved that line, and asked Miki to do it.]

Setsuna: Ore ga… GANDAMU da.
(I am Gundam.)
[LULZ.] [Afterwards Miyano said ‘Waraukoto ja nai yo! D:’ which is ‘It’s not a laughing matter!’]

Need to go study Physics bah.

By the way, Kamiya Hiroshi [Mikhail] and Nakamura Yuuichi [Alto] are hosting the Macross Frontier radio station thingo! I WANTTTT~


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