Macross Frontier

Macross Frontier is awesome! I’ve watched all four eps available, and I’m falling deeper and deeper in love with it.

The storyline is not too awesome or great or unique, but it’s perfectly fine. The back story of the Zentradi and humans is interesting, and I want to know more. The Vajra are also extremely puzzling, with their supreme high speeds and killer whatevers. Why do they exist? How did they come about? WTF are they doing? I want to know.

The music choice is awesome. They also know how to use or not use background music, and instead put acapella, really well. The effect produced is really good and fitting.

Characters are really likable. I love Ranka, she’s so adorable. Alto is so sweet and lovable, and Mikhail- Mikhail IS SO FANGIRLEABLE D: If you haven’t noticed I am a huge Mikhail fangirl. I love his bit in the OP where he looks so seme and woman’s-man-ish and hot. XD

Random thoughts on Macross so far, plus predictions for future plot development:
-Will Alto-hime sama fall in love with Sheryl Nome or Ranka in the end? Both are good candidates. Right now it hints to both, what with Sheryl’s dress dropping scene and how close he is to Ranka. And I just realised this, but Triangler perfectly fits this. ‘Kimi wa dare to kisu wo suru? Watashi? Sore tomo ano ko? Hoshi wo meguru yo, junjou!’ It’s almost as if it was written for Macross D:
-MIKHAIL IS SO SEME AND CUTE. But what I really don’t understand is why the Skull Squadron calls him Misheru ‘Michel’ instead of the ‘Mihairu’ Mikhail (or Michael) that the rest of the world calls him. (Also, MISHERU is my name katakanized, dammit. I have just told the whole world my name, but nevermind.)
-Luca sucks D: Fukuyama Jun makes him sound reeeeeeeally annoying. Fukuyama was pretty good as Lulu, but then Lulu was not some stupid uke.
-Ozma has a nice voice, credits to Konishi Katsuyuki 8D I LOVE KONISHI KATSUYUKI.
-OP Triangler is AWESOME, it made me into a Sakamoto Maaya fangirl. I sometimes even replay the OP over and over. The random insert songs and the ED are fantastic too.
-It’s really quite disturbing when the prettiest/ most beautiful character in a show is a guy. In this case, Alto. Because Sheryl has fugly hair (in my opinion.) Alto looked so freaking pretty when his hair was down D:
-Ranka’s seiyuu is a little iffy – sometimes she’s amazing, sometimes she sounds rather contrived.
-Alto-hime’s Geisha-with-umbrella thing is reeeeeally freaky. But I’ve always thought the geishaey person in the OP was Alto, because no one has gold eyes that shape. So I guess we can expect crossdressing from him. YESYES GOOD I LIKE CROSSDRESSING GUYS 8D
-I suspect Alto-hime fell out with his father because the guys in his family are supposed to crossdress. Or something. It makes sense I guess. Especially since Alto-hime is SO PRETTY @u@

Current ratings:
Overall: 9.5/10
Art: 9/10
Animation: 9/10
Music: 10/10 (Awesome inserts!)
Voice acting: 9/10 (Kamiya Hiroshi is awesome as Mikhail. Nakajima Ai is pretty believable, if inconsistent, as Ranka, and Nakamura Yuuichi as Alto is just LOVE.)
Story/Plot: 8/10
Flow: 9/10 (really really entertaining.)
Characters: 9/10 (If Luca was less of a stereotypical uke I would give this 10.)

Macross is awesome!


~ by Someone in the Universe on May 2, 2008.

3 Responses to “Macross Frontier”

  1. This is a nice review, Misheru :)

    “Will Alto-hime sama fall in love with Sheryl Nome or Ranka in the end?”

    Episode 5 starts the war – it is about cellphones, cows, and songs :P I still think Ohime-sama will choose Ranka.

  2. I have this strange feeling that this ‘stupid uke’ you speak of is quite the dandy womanizer at heart. xD

  3. Yes. Now I see that part of him |D

    But I still do not like him. His voice pisses me off.

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