Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

Started watching this a couple of days ago. Finished until ep 5 at this point of time.

Although this series is supposed to be comedy, I find a lot of satire, parody and really, really disturbing elements in the show. This however does not detract from the humour and I LOVE ITOSHIKI SENSEI 8D His students are mostly in love with him as well, and with good reason.


Anyway. The background music for SZS is superbly wonderful, especially this floaty dreamy choral/piano one that appears in the first episode. I am very sad that I’m unable to find any OSTs (if there are any in the first place) because this is one anime I would dearly love to get an OST for. Do note that I put 11/10 for music, because it really is that great.

Art is very simple, and unorthodox, but I find it pleasing, and the simplicity adds to its appeal. Animation doesn’t seem jerky or unnatural, although I don’t really notice, as this series isn’t too focused on whizz-bang animation anyway.

The story itself is semi-nonexistent, being more of a one-story-per-episode show, but the premise is interesting – This suicidal superbly pessimistic teacher teaching a class full of weird students. The thing that drives the show are the characters, which are wonderful and likable. There is a whole cast of them, but they all get more or less developed. Puns and wordplay feature predominantly in SZS, especially in the names of characters. I find this to be extremely intriguing.

Voice acting, with dear Kamiya Hiroshi as Itoshiki sensei, is nothing to complain about. All the voices fit the characters, especially Maria. SFX is pretty well done, although cheesy sometimes it’s only cheesy by necessitation of achieving an effect, comic or otherwise. OP/ED are good, ED especially. Very thought-provoking songs. The flow is good, nothing is draggy or boring.

This is a really really good show for humour, especially if you’re an otaku and can understand the five billion otaku messages peppered throughout. I’m not technically an otaku so I don’t understand a lot of them so I can’t appreciate them, but those that I can I laugh a lot at. It’s also reeeeeally disturbing at parts, especially with the use of dark shadows for animation. The messages put through forces thoughts, and tackles a lot of serious issues. Overall fantastic, although everything about it is really unorthodox, if you can appreciate it it’s a wonderful show. And at 12 episodes, it’s short and sweet.

Overall: 9/10
Art: 9/10
Animation: 8/10
OP/ED: 9/10
Music: 11/10
Voice acting: 9/10
Story/Plot: 8/10
Flow: 8/10
Characters: 10/10

Merits: Really disturbing, thought-provoking, and feels natural. Almost everything, in fact.
Demerits: A lot of Otaku references that, if you don’t get it, are not funny. Also lots of texts flash really fast by, it’s for effect, and a literature student like me can appreciate it, but can be really irritating when you’re actually trying to read the words.


~ by Someone in the Universe on April 27, 2008.

2 Responses to “Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei”

  1. ha!this is a well written review. And because I love this anime I have to agree with everthing you said.

  2. I really like SZS :D Satire, parody, and especially music are great! Another thing that I have to note is the excellent use of color. Make sure to check out second season: Zoku SZS.

    You can find the SZS OST here:

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