Kure-nai Eps 1-3

Kure-nai is one of the new 2008 Spring Season animes, adapted from a light novel of the same name. A manga is also currently being serialized in Shounen Jump, and has 3 chapters, of which 2 I have read.

So far 4 eps of Kure-nai have been released, but I’ve only watched the first three. I have to say that I am extremely, extremely pleased with this series.

I started reading the manga a couple of months ago, and fell in love with the art style and lovable Shinkurou, a superbly even-tempered teenage boy (how often do you get that?) and I heard of Kure-nai the anime coming out, but never found out it was that Kure-nai until a couple of weeks ago.

The art and animation for Kure-nai owns. Art style is a not so anime-ish compared to others, and it’s quite comparable to Fullmetal Alchemist/Claymore style in my opinion. (same roundish heads, smaller eyes) It’s pleasing and likable, although maybe not immediately so. The backgrounds are superb beyond superb, especially those of the greenery. Colours are very good, with the drabness of Shinkurou’s apartment contrasted greatly with the vibrantly coloured garden of the Kuhouin mansion. The characters, with Shinkurou as the main character, are lovable, and interesting. The music is good, relaxed and jazzy, which means that I will definitely be getting the OST when it does come out. The animation is superb, with no cheap shortcuts taken (unlike Studio DEEN, cheapskates they are) which means animation is fluid and realistic, and the characters don’t seem to jerk around. Their gestures also have an emotional quality to them, making them more human than the average character.

I usually judge animes on how emotionally attached to the characters or plot I am. The plot is somewhat non-existent so far, but I’m already deeply attached to Shinkurou, and Murasaki. Shinkurou, being a very, very rare even-tempered and peaceable teenage boy, has a pleasantly sweet voice, without being girly sounding. (although it IS voiced by a girl) He’s really sweet and mature, and although not fangirleable per se, grows on you very fast.

Overall, this anime is very character driven, instead of plot, although I would dearly love to find out more about Murasaki and why she was ‘kidnapped’/’rescued’. It’s really, really good, and although I claim the plot to be non-existent I don’t get bored watching it. It’s not really non-existent, more of built into the storytelling instead of telling you the plot straight out. (unlike say, Code Geass or Gundam 00)

I am very, very satisfied with eps 1-3 so far. C: Do go watch it.


Overall: 9/10
Art: 8.5/10
Animation: 10/10
OP/ED: 8/10
Music: 9/10
Voice acting: 9/10
Story/Plot: 8/10
Flow: 9/10
Characters: 10/10

Merits: Practically everything.
Demerits: Flow, although very suitable, might not suit those who prefer more action.


~ by Someone in the Universe on April 26, 2008.

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