Code Geass

Lelouch, or Lulu, the main character of Code Geass, seems to be a lot of anime fangirls’ MADFANGIRLDREAM. So I decided to start watching Code Geass.

I guess it’s not bad. The storyline is solid. If rather slow. 5 episodes on Lulu’s life and saving Suzaku is really slow, in my opinion. The characters are interesting though. Especially Lulu and CC.

But I have to say that I’m frankly quite disappointed with Lulu. He doesn’t appeal to my fangirl senses. He’s likable and adorable but not fangirleable so I’m disappointed ):

The ED is amazing, the OP is forgettable but fine. The one thing I don’t like is Lulu’s voice. It sounds contrived to me, at some parts, and at other parts it sounds too girly. But overall I guess it passes. Kallen is rather annoying as of now, but she’s quite cool so I still like her.
Honestly the series seems rather slow moving. The mecha is ugly, I am sad. Other than those two complaints it seems nice, and is rather entertaining.

Overall: 8.5/10
Rather interesting and entertaining, good to pass time.
Art: 9/10
Nice clean likable style, however highlights make characters look plastic at times.
Animation: 9/10
I don’t notice any weird jerkings or unnaturalness, but I haven’t really stared at it properly yet.
OP/ED: 9/10
ED is a lot better than the OP.
Music: 9/10
Really good and fitting. Rather forgettable though, sadly.
Voice acting: 8/10
CC has too deep a voice, Lulu too girly a voice. In my opinion. Nanaly has too much of a stereotypical i-am-your-weak-soft-sister-protect-me sort of voice.
Story/Plot: 9/10
Imaginative, has lots of potential.
Flow: 7.5/10
Characters: 9/10
Nice character design and personalities. Lulu’s especially.


~ by Someone in the Universe on April 26, 2008.

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