Updates reeeeeeally slow.

Due to certain issues I have (eg. needing to indulge in my anime/donut/coffee craving, exams, schoolwork, FANGIRLINGQUOTA) I shall be updating reeeeeally slowly. I mean, I set this up to eat into my already non-existent free time. Grah, what the hell am I thinking?

Damn, I wish I could direct interface with my laptop like Tieria does with Veda so that every time I think something the comp types it down for me so that I don’t ever have to like, I dunno, ACTUALLY TYPE THINGS. So that I can write down all the fuzzy thoughts and ideas that I have just before I drop into sleep. I’m already somewhat on Tieria’s level of obsessiveness and love for Veda, to my laptop. MY LOCKON, WHERE ARE YOU.

I’m sorry, I’m not a very funny/interesting/witty person. :B

However I think my opinions on anime/manga in general can be trusted, to a certain extent. I can appreciate a lot of different styles and stuff, and it’s only terrible sins (eg. VAMPIRE KNIGHT) that make me puke.

Expect to see updates, albeit really slow ones, over the next couple of weeks or so. That is, if my currently probably non-existent readership goes up 8D


~ by Someone in the Universe on April 25, 2008.

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